Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Mysterious Beyond

Just as the mysterious beyond is a terrifying place full of mysteries, strangeness, and fears, girls are probably the epitome of mysterious. Us men just don't seem to understand this strange strange gender. You can never understand a girl and her feelings. She may be all nice and warm outwardly but internally she can be plotting to destroy the world. No joke. On the flipside, they can be the most obnoxious, stuck up person but inside, a tender, humble character. Why is that? Hence guys always misread girls. I don't know what it is but a girl has these manipulative charms that leave the male species scratching their head on what the heck is going on. We'll probably think you're flirting with us because you feel attracted to us and have a crush on us but in reality you just want the attention so you can toy with us. Ok thats a little extreme and I hope none of my readers are that type of female. But you get what I'm saying. Its so hard to interpret the subtle messages girls send. We, the male species, do not do subtle. We do straight up, in your face. If a girl hints that she wants a glass of water by bringing up everything possible and beating around the bush, we're gonna think everything but the fact that you want a glass of water. Rule of thumb, talking to guys, be straight forward.

Its definitely hard to deal with if the guy assumes that the girl has a crush on him. Many of us fell into this category of helpless romantics because of the crazy mixed signals girls send. For example, when a girl giggles whenever shes around you or you can tell that she is bashful after telling you a compliment, what does this mean?! All I know is that girls are pretty fascinating.

Girls are born with the following:
1) An innate ability to feel sympathy for anyone.
2) The ability to somehow talk about such a simple topic and bring irrelevant topics.
3) The ability to conceal their true intentions/feelings

Scary. I think I can speak on behalf of all men past and present when I say we've all been fooled by a girl's charm. Maybe its natural for them to look pretty and attractive but sometimes, we get pulled in by the subtlest of actions. Why can't girls confess their feelings first sometimes? Why must it always be up to the guy to muster up the courage and the balls to ask the world changing question? Its wonderful if we get the girl but its just plain awkward when she rejects you and you stay "just friends". Hence guys have a difficult time confessing their feelings. We assume that all your actions are ways of flirting. We assume that you're indirectly asking us to ask you out. Or maybe thats just how you are and we're completely misinterpreting your casual communication skills as flirting. This is not to say that girls are evil in any way. Hope no one got that vibe from this post. All I'm merely saying is that girls are mysterious. Period. No more no less. Us guys love to see girls and be around girls. Its like that missing part of life that gets filled up. We enjoy your company, we really do. Its just that we often misinterpret everything you guys say or do. We can't live with you, can't live without you. Simple yet so mysterious. The life and workings of the female will always be located in the mysterious beyond of the male's brain.


Bible Progress - 1 Samuel 8

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