Monday, April 4, 2011

Ctrl + Z and R

Recently I read something regarding the combination of real life with the computer. The question was what computer function would you use in real life? Many people answered Ctrl + Z (or Command + Z for us mac users). By now I assume everyone has used Ctrl + Z as much as they breathe. We live by the undo command. Undo saves us from that one fateful error we make or the accidental "delete" when we write our papers.

But imagine if Undo was actually a function in real life.

Imagine all the possibilities of a utopian society. Everything would be almost too perfect. If we make a mistake on a test and we realize after we get our scores back, we can hit undo. If we ask a guy/girl out and they reject you, we can hit undo to save us some awkwardness. The possibilities are limitless. The world would be way too perfect. However, perfect in one person's world does not make a perfect world. It was intriguing when I stumbled upon this fact because if one person's world is perfect, another one's won't. Reason being we're not all the same. We are not cookie cutter human beings that are mass produced with the same likes, dislikes, values, morals, and desires. This could turn into a whole discussion of what the world would be if it was 100% one sided. 

Wheres the fun in zero uniqueness?

For me I would definitely love the undo function in my life. I mean I've made some pretty stupid decisions and accidentally hit the wrong keys at the wrong point in my life. If I could undo all that and Ctrl + R (redo) I would have no regrets. But we can't take out the fact that its the regrets of stupid decisions we've made in the past that gives us the wisdom to not repeat history. We can't expect undo and redo to happen ever. Realistically we do not live in a perfect world. We just have to man up (woman up?) and face our regrets and learn from them. But the possibility of undo-ing that bombed exam or the fattening late night chocolate cake still tickle our inner perfectionists. We all want a perfect world but since that'll never happen, might as well take charge of our own world and make it perfect. No regrets, take the curve ball, get ready for the next pitch.


Bible Progress - 2 Samuel 21

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