Monday, March 1, 2010

"We will "run". All together our hearts aflame..."

So recently I've been abnormally tired and exhausted after church/class/grocery shopping etc. Have no clue why. As soon as I hit the bed, I'm on the brink of knocking out for like 10+ hrs. Its not like I do anything exceptionally tiresome other than TGBL. (Walking to class on friday was a workout...damn Cantor).

Now in the past I used to be obsessed with anything fast. Fast cars, fast food, fast pace, fast eating, fast hw, fast studying, blah blah blah. Fast was my life that it took over nearly every aspect of my life:

-Held title for "3rd fastest middle schooler in the county"
-Fastest large jajangmyun bowl eating time of 0:37
-Times when Amy hit 122 mph and I was at peace. Then Amy hit 0-60mph in 5.2sec.
-Finishing every video game in record time (Final fantasy ftw!)
-Set record at MVA for fastest parallel parking time (not sure if it's true though -.-)
-Was able to outrun every single player on a fast break or a hussle play and get back on D before they knew it
-Taking showers in 4min or less (yet squeaky clean)
-Lapping the track 5 times full speed
-Finishing art projects in mere 2hrs
-Out ran an angry, charging dog when I was in 4th grade. The dog gave up in the end.
-Getting from Syracuse to home in a mere 5hrs
-etc.......................lost in memories of old

Nowadays, some aspects still hold but I have definitely slowed down. Where did all those crazy adrenaline rushes go??? I feel very sluggish nowadays and if I was told to repeat ANY of those tasks listed above, I highly doubt it. I realized how bad my stamina was during our TGBL game vs. Kildong's team where we played a good 50 mins but I kinda burned out after 30. During my old youth group bball team days, we used to play 5 games straight and some games went up to 150 points, yet I was good to go for more. Now I play up to 21 points and die...not good. Its strange how I was listening to my iTunes on random and the song Run by Hillsongs came on and it made me make a decision. Although the lyrics have nothing to do with actually "physically running", if I am to do God's work here then I have to get my speed back up to par. He has a crap load of stuff planned for me yet my body cannot seem to "Run" anymore.

The End Result: I plan to run twice a day at the Ernie Fitness Center everyday or as much as possible. I might as well use it since its right there.

The First Day: It was embarrassing. Period. I could not run a full 25 min but did manage to finish strong and sprint the last 5 min or so. In total I "ran" about 18 min, "walked" 2 min, sprinted for 5 min. Hopefully as the days progress I can comfortably run the whole 25 min on the treadmill. It feels pretty good to run again and get my quick lifestyle up and running again :)

You were God from the outset
Powerful and creative
You who saw us here before you called
All the stars and the earth to existence

You are God you are Holy
History is you story
You, who was and is
And who forever will be
God we live for your Glory

So we will run
All together our hearts aflame
With a fire that can't be tamed
Our God all Glory to your name

You are God you are freedom
You're alive now within us
You who saw us here before
You conquered the grave
And delivered on the promise

We will run
Our surrender to bring you fame
Our desire that you be praised
Our God all Glory to your name

Hillsong - Run