Sunday, January 24, 2010

[DanAhn] <--- Very Selfish Person

We have heard the thunder
We have seen the storm
Echoes of Your kingdom coming
Rumors of our home
Where one day we will stand before You Lord
Our altogether beautiful reward

And we will give You glory, bring you honor
King above all kings
You deserve our everything
We will lift our voices with Your praises
Jesus, You are King

Though now we walk in darkness
Though now we see in part
Right now we're warmed by the burning flames
Of the fire in our hearts
You've promised You will lead us to Your throne
Where we will worship You and You alone

Tree63 - King

One of my favs in the Christian music field. I remember a long time ago, when and where I was I forget, but I remember hearing this song for the first time somewhere and I loved it as soon as I heard it. It took me forever trying to find out what the song was by myself searching the lyrics I heard on youtube and google and figures, it ended up in failure. Never found the song. One lucky day freshman year at Syracuse I heard it again and this time I actually found the song. There was only two things to do now, download it (legally) and set ipod to repeat. Surely enough it was one of my top play counts on itunes. It was love at first sight, or hearing.

This song whatever factor it has on me is quite powerful. Its a pleasant mixture of lyrics and a song that I can just rock out to. Many times I tried to play the song alone and it never ended up quite well. During our Winter Retreat 2010 at the Grove, we finally played it. It was majestic, left me speechless. Those of you who have ever served on a praise team know of the feeling I'm talking about; the inner fire that burns while playing/singing a favorite song. The split second feeling where you can feel God's presence around you basking in all the glory through your gift. It is here where I get very selfish. I change lyrics to satisfy myself. So for the song King it'd go something like this:

I have heard the thunder
I have seen the storm
Echoes of Your kingdom coming
Rumors of my home
Where one day I will stand before You Lord
My altogether beautiful reward

And I will give You glory, bring you honor
King above all kings
You deserve my everything
I will lift my voices with Your praises
Jesus, You are my King 

Quite selfish isn't it? Changing a whole song to satisfy my own need. There are times where I just feel the need to make a song very personal. A personal statement of confession and praise. If you charge me on the basis of selfishness, then I'm guilty as charged. I change a lot of the lyrics around to fit me. But hey, sometimes I just gotta sing my heart out and play till my body is at its physical limits for Him. It is a very selfish act so if you label me as "A Very Selfish" person, you are not far from wrong.

Psalms 9 For Life.

Friday, January 8, 2010


2010 is here and it sure was a strange one.

Never had New Years been such and no celebration involved.

I think this is the first time in my life, ever, to not be in a church celebrating the New Year.

It felt pretty awkward that when that clock hit 12am, I was sitting in front of my computer watching IRIS.

...and so past the "new year celebration"...

2010 is a fresh new year given to me and its not time for resolutions or change.

Its time to Refresh the spirit and Reignite a dwindling fire.