Sunday, May 30, 2010

Producer's Block

So recently I've had a plethora of songs come to mind.
They just come to whether I'm doing my QTs, driving to the store, sleeping...blah blah.
It kinda sucks that when I go to pick up my guitar to figure out a chord progression, I tend to forget how the melody went. Then I go to my piano and try to figure out the melody line again. Only this time I forget what the rhythm was. To solve all this, I get my ghetto Garageband and try to figure out the BPM (beats per min) and a simple beat to with it...then I lose it all.

Fail imo. For once I wish I was back in cuse. At least then I could use the sound studio.

Still I'm thankful that God is keeping my mind running even though my summer is pretty lazy.

At this rate, I'm probably gonna end up making an album for my senior project xD

But lets always remember..

"Its not about how, its about why"