Monday, September 28, 2009

Creative vs "Creative"

What is visual art? Visual art in my opinion is literally ideas on paper (or whatever medium you use). Each creative mind has their own style of work. My style? Simplicity. I love simplicity. The ones that can truly express an idea, thought, or opinion in the fewest methods possible: my respect goes out to you all. I have pretty much adapted this minimalist idea and most of my work has been done in that sense. Im the type of person who cannot draw for more than 15-30 min tops. I just cant. The longer I take the more limiting it is for my mind. The only reason it takes so long to perfect a piece is because you try to "perfect" it. Yea right. You cannot "perfect" a piece ever. Because of my careless attitude towards my work I got my fair share of criticisms as well as compliments. I really dont care about the criticisms though. Yes some have been very constructive especially from some professors and peers. However, some people just need to accept the fact that im not a perfectionist. Im not one to make anything look "real". There are cameras for that. Im the type of person that will finish a drawing in less that 10 min and say im done. Why? Its my form of expression: simple, straight to the point, yet intriguing. No one will ever draw anything more realistic than a camera. You just cant. Camera = machine. You = human prone to numerous mistakes. While some ppl spend countless hours and days trying to "perfect" their work, ill point, snap, shoot, print out at CVS for $.49 all in less than 15 min time. Do you really need every single detail of your subject to get your point across? Sucks for you if thats the case. In the time you finish one drawing, ill probably done with an album. This has been just a plain rant about some of the complexities of the creative minds vs the "creative" minds who look towards perfection as their goal. My goal? Freedom of expression best describes it. 

PS: Sorry professor. This is my "real life" portrait that I did. 

Not exactly the most "realistic" drawing is it? Sorry for being creative and not "creative".

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