Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let Go, Let God

"Let go. Let God"

To me this is the most ironic statement ever. Its one of my favorite quotes that help me through difficult times in my life but at the same time its one of my most despised quotes of all time. 

There are certain types of people that tend to provoke my patience. Fobs being #2 on my list. People who use God as an excuse top my list. I have to pray really hard and put maximum pressure to cap my anger in order to suppress it whenever people, in my opinion, completely twist this quote. 

They always tell me "Let go and let God". 

Yes, I will let go and let God but only if I myself have put in the amount of effort necessary. I'm not gonna sit idly by and wait for God to make something happen. I'm not gonna sit idly on my ass doing nothing and hope that all will be well. If I could swear I would have filled this entry with some vulgar language because even writing about this topic gets my gears crunching. 

I absolutely admire those who work wholeheartedly and after they exhausted all options and energy, they wait on God to fill in the pieces. They "let go and let God". Mad respect.

I absolutely have no tolerance for those who procrastinate, become lazy, lose their sense of responsibility, and have the nerve to say they "let go and let God" and use it as an excuse for their laziness and overall negligence to take responsibility for their lack of discipline. They literally "let go and let God". I just smh.

Since when did God become an excuse? Get off your lazy ass and put some sweat and blood into your life. Or kill that damn pride of yours and take responsibility for your own incompetence.


Bible progress - Joshua 2

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