Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Mysterious Beyond

Just as the mysterious beyond is a terrifying place full of mysteries, strangeness, and fears, girls are probably the epitome of mysterious. Us men just don't seem to understand this strange strange gender. You can never understand a girl and her feelings. She may be all nice and warm outwardly but internally she can be plotting to destroy the world. No joke. On the flipside, they can be the most obnoxious, stuck up person but inside, a tender, humble character. Why is that? Hence guys always misread girls. I don't know what it is but a girl has these manipulative charms that leave the male species scratching their head on what the heck is going on. We'll probably think you're flirting with us because you feel attracted to us and have a crush on us but in reality you just want the attention so you can toy with us. Ok thats a little extreme and I hope none of my readers are that type of female. But you get what I'm saying. Its so hard to interpret the subtle messages girls send. We, the male species, do not do subtle. We do straight up, in your face. If a girl hints that she wants a glass of water by bringing up everything possible and beating around the bush, we're gonna think everything but the fact that you want a glass of water. Rule of thumb, talking to guys, be straight forward.

Its definitely hard to deal with if the guy assumes that the girl has a crush on him. Many of us fell into this category of helpless romantics because of the crazy mixed signals girls send. For example, when a girl giggles whenever shes around you or you can tell that she is bashful after telling you a compliment, what does this mean?! All I know is that girls are pretty fascinating.

Girls are born with the following:
1) An innate ability to feel sympathy for anyone.
2) The ability to somehow talk about such a simple topic and bring irrelevant topics.
3) The ability to conceal their true intentions/feelings

Scary. I think I can speak on behalf of all men past and present when I say we've all been fooled by a girl's charm. Maybe its natural for them to look pretty and attractive but sometimes, we get pulled in by the subtlest of actions. Why can't girls confess their feelings first sometimes? Why must it always be up to the guy to muster up the courage and the balls to ask the world changing question? Its wonderful if we get the girl but its just plain awkward when she rejects you and you stay "just friends". Hence guys have a difficult time confessing their feelings. We assume that all your actions are ways of flirting. We assume that you're indirectly asking us to ask you out. Or maybe thats just how you are and we're completely misinterpreting your casual communication skills as flirting. This is not to say that girls are evil in any way. Hope no one got that vibe from this post. All I'm merely saying is that girls are mysterious. Period. No more no less. Us guys love to see girls and be around girls. Its like that missing part of life that gets filled up. We enjoy your company, we really do. Its just that we often misinterpret everything you guys say or do. We can't live with you, can't live without you. Simple yet so mysterious. The life and workings of the female will always be located in the mysterious beyond of the male's brain.


Bible Progress - 1 Samuel 8

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Young, Naive, and Stupid

Its times like these when you realize the heart-aching fact: time will never go backwards. I will never get any younger anymore but slowly countdown to my own demise (or pleasant death). Sad but true. They do say that wisdom comes with age. I guess its one of the perks of aging but I think I rather have my carefree, youthful days. When I look back to when I was a teenager, I was pretty young, naive, and stupid. Maybe its just me or maybe we all go through that "middle-high school" phase where we feel like either 1) we rule the world, 2) the world revolves around us, or the obnoxious 3) the world revolves around us because we rule the world. I look at high schoolers these days and I can sum them up in one world: immature. They are wet behind the ears when it comes to dating, schools, internships, life in general. They are in the phase where one gossip rules all or one failed exam means the world has ended. But thats also what I find so interesting about them. They're so naive about what they'll be like in the next 10 years, after undergrad, maybe some dozen internships, grad school maybe. Then again the life after undergrad is slowly creeping up on me as well.

I pray that I can keep faithful in the fact that God has a plan for me (cliche? yes). Slowly but surely my fellow 2011 classmates are getting their offers for jobs and grad schools. Me? I'm kind of stuck leaving it God's hands. If you read my last post about "let go, let God", you know my stance on leaving it completely to God. Its also a post of accountability so that me, myself will never fall into that category of people. Its March already and today I just turned one year older, still without a plan for life after undergrad. I refuse to just stay at home and not do anything. I'm not gonna get any younger and I want to hit the ground running. I just haven't found my ground to run in yet. Is God testing my faith? Yes. I try to be faithful but creeping from the dark side of my heart are the doubts that are slowly but surely eclipsing my faith. If wisdom comes with age, I hope faith does too. Older people probably see me as young, naive, and stupid as well. I mean I've only lived maybe a quarter of my life and I'm here pondering if the world will end if I don't snag a job by end of May. I'm proud to say that I am wet behind the ears once again after I graduate. I'm in that phase of my life where I feel like the world could be in my grasp again. I just realized how naive I am thinking the world can be mine. But I'm not that stupid to crumble down and cry when my world falls over.


Bible Progress - Ruth 4

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let Go, Let God

"Let go. Let God"

To me this is the most ironic statement ever. Its one of my favorite quotes that help me through difficult times in my life but at the same time its one of my most despised quotes of all time. 

There are certain types of people that tend to provoke my patience. Fobs being #2 on my list. People who use God as an excuse top my list. I have to pray really hard and put maximum pressure to cap my anger in order to suppress it whenever people, in my opinion, completely twist this quote. 

They always tell me "Let go and let God". 

Yes, I will let go and let God but only if I myself have put in the amount of effort necessary. I'm not gonna sit idly by and wait for God to make something happen. I'm not gonna sit idly on my ass doing nothing and hope that all will be well. If I could swear I would have filled this entry with some vulgar language because even writing about this topic gets my gears crunching. 

I absolutely admire those who work wholeheartedly and after they exhausted all options and energy, they wait on God to fill in the pieces. They "let go and let God". Mad respect.

I absolutely have no tolerance for those who procrastinate, become lazy, lose their sense of responsibility, and have the nerve to say they "let go and let God" and use it as an excuse for their laziness and overall negligence to take responsibility for their lack of discipline. They literally "let go and let God". I just smh.

Since when did God become an excuse? Get off your lazy ass and put some sweat and blood into your life. Or kill that damn pride of yours and take responsibility for your own incompetence.


Bible progress - Joshua 2