Saturday, November 27, 2010

Not Yet

Thanksgiving break is soon to be officially over. Why? Because when I look outside theres actual living forms moving on and about. Its so strange seeing all these people again. I would wake up during break and it would be completely deserted. There would be nothing but nature in all her glory tingling all my senses. It was quite a "zen" moment walking around campus with literally no human distraction. 

Its times like these you realize how fast time goes. In less than 48hrs, its back to the real world of anguish aka school. Its also times like these that you realize that you don't have much time left as a sheltered college student. On the way to Angela's for thanksgiving dinner, Zion and I were talking and I think we just realized that we're 3rd and 4th years respectively (and how damn cold my house is). Gone are the days of freshmen year where college seems like it'll be an eternity. The truth hit hards in the ass and shoves you along closer to the real world. Am I ready? Questionable. Currently I still stand confused as to where I should take my life. My life is a cliche that says "what should I do with my life" over and over again. It also doesn't help that this came up on my random playlist:

As much as I want to graduate and get out of here, I want to stay here longer. Part of me wants to dip outta here yet part of me doesn't want this to end.

Crazy talk, but its true.  My last thanksgiving in Syracuse brought on many things to be thankful for. One of the highlights to be thankful for was thanksgiving dinner at Angela's. Just the 10 of us enjoying good company while epically devouring insane amounts of food and our turkey replacement, samgyupsal. Afterwards movie marathon which turned to a napfest. 

Dear God, one thing I'm thankful for is my time here in Syracuse. Also I want to ask for a miracle. Can you stop time? Would it effect others? Am I being selfish? I probably am. But I just can't take in the fact that all good things must come to an end. All I ask is for a split second in the time-space continuum so that I can live it out for just a second more. When May comes around, can I ask for a split second? Just one little second.

I don't want this to end. Not yet.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Fail List

Music player:


Search engine:


Operating System:


Dear Microsoft,

Its time to innovate.

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Glimpse of Heaven

We came to the conclusion we'd pretty much do anything to see a sister in Christ smile and forget about all her worries and stresses of the real world, even if its just for a second.

So why do we do it? Why are we willing to transcend physical and mental tiredness and the go beyond our physical limits for just one night. For me personally, I've come to realize that I find great joy in seeing my fellow bros and sisters all laughing and smiling together, forgetting about the worries of the real world. Maybe this is why God gave me certain talents. Definitely a blessing. A glimpse of heaven. I think all the bros will agree that a frown doesn't suit a sister's face.

People may ask, so was it all worth it, the blood and sweat that went into the night? Just for one night?

We'd say it definitely was.

For me, the last 48 hours leading up to Sisters' Night were sleepless and stare at my Macbook all day and night. Kudos to Zach and Dan Choi, we pulled it off, 6 videos this year! Kudos to all my fellow bros for your unrelenting devotion to making the greatest 4 hrs of our sisters' lives this year (hopefully). 

Who are we??!?!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Nothin' on You

Its times like these that I feel the most alive. Amidst so much appreciation and love for one another, its a glimpse of heaven.

God bless KCS sisters, truly. The world got nothing on you.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lefties vs. Righties

Whats interesting about this blog post title is that if you are more dominant in the left hemisphere of your brain, you are more likely to interpret the title as right vs. left handers. If you are more dominant in the right hemisphere of your brain, you are more likely to interpret the correct meaning which is logic vs. creativity.

From a young age, especially if you're asian, you're parents have pushed you to become lawyers, doctors, and businessmen. The future belongs to a new person with a new mindset. The world is quickly changing and shifting towards the right side. Its always that one person or group that decides that logic is boring and break out of norms that change the world. Businessmen are becoming entrepreneurs, PCs users are going Mac, Blackberries are going iDroids, Google owns the world (minus China), every other electronic on college campus starts with an "i", a wizard boy and a metro vampire are pushing the textbooks off the shelf, and one of the funniest comments I heard, "as a scientist, you can win a nobel prize and no one would care whereas if a 15-yr old pop star gets a paper cut, its wildfire".

Twas a good read.

If you are a student in Visual and Performing Arts, you are constantly pounded by the fact that you have to brace yourselves for a revolution; a world shaped by right brainers. Yes, that means all the writers, designers, musicians, craftsmen, athletes, dancers, entrepreneurs, and other creatives will take over and reshape our current world. The days of the logic and analysis are fading away. 

Personally I believe that right brainers will take over the future however, doesn't mean I believe that left brainers are gonna be long dead. It actually becomes very sickening when you hear year after year "POWER TO THE CREATIVES!!" (stupid VPA). I love how sometimes creatives are so caught up with being nonconforming that they are completely oblivious to the fact that subconsciously they've created a subculture of nonconformity in itself, conforming to being nonconformists. (Inspired from this post!)

"Right brainers rejoice for the day of revolution is here. Woohoo!!!" -Right brain power

Wonder how long it'll take to drill into that thick, egotistical skull that just like everything in nature, a good balance is key.