Friday, February 18, 2011


So true. What would this world be like without art? Where would people get ideas for anything? How would people express their creativity? Being trained as an artist myself, this quote basically feeds my ego. Its basically saying the world without us artists is just mundane and boring. Somewhat true but not absolute. 

What defines "art"? My 8 years of formal, artistically trained eyes can't even distinguish what really makes art. Sometimes I can understand. It maybe the "wow" factor or the "stop and stare" factor. What makes people stroll across galleries and stop at certain pieces of work? I don't know, maybe its different tastes. On average no one can truly see the Mona Lisa because of the crowd is always present at the Louvre. There are those pieces of work that you can get you awestruck. However theres also the strange handful that gives you the "wth" thoughts. 

Salvador Dali, one of my favs.

James Jean <-------Love this contemporary guy as well. Amazing. Too good to just choose one.

In today's society, art is generally a form of either massive appreciation and criticism. "Who the heck would display such things" or "damn thats impressive". I guess society considers static, visual forms as art. What about the others? By others I mean the writers, the musicians, the everyday photo blogger, and maybe even you who read/write/browse tumblrs and blogs. Artists are so selfish. They want to keep that title to themselves. The static bunch who create static images unable to break the stasis quo. 

I don't usually see "artists" as ones who can create such beautiful images through words alone. I don't see "artists" as ones who can immerse the audience in a new level of soundscape through the blending and meshing of harmonies and melodies. I don't see "artists" as ones who dazzle consumers through their exquisite use of everyday foods and craft them into tasteful masterpieces.

Personally I believe the title of "artist" is incomplete without "the others". Its just ignorant on their part to exclude people who clearly have the same passions as them, making Earth a non-mundane world.


Bible Progress - Numbers 26

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