Monday, February 14, 2011


Justin Bieber's movie which was released couple of days ago has a 1/10 rating across the board. Critics give it a 62% rating to please some of his mindless female fans but completely lol-ed at the fact that its also in 3D. I have nothing against the guy. I don't like him nor do I hate him. I just think hes starting to get in way over his head. Personally I think that Bieber is not at that stage in his career where a whole movie is dedicated to him. Fan service probably. He just started his career and who knows how long that'll last. Never Say Never has been compared to Michael Jackson's This Is It. That in itself completely outraged probably half the world minus the Bieber girls. The overall summary of that comparison goes something like this: "@$#%$ Bieber %#%$% Bieber @$#!% Bieber @$%# Bieber".

Justin Bieber should just go to Korea. By sheer fangirl power alone he would take over the country. Bieber fans are becoming kpop fangirls, God forbid. They would do anything, ANYTHING, to help their "idols". They create a borderline cult within themselves. It freaks me out to the max when I see some of the stuff fangirls/boys would do to "help" their idols. All I know is that Korean fangirls are mindless zombies, at least American fangirls still retain their human brain, for now anyways. I don't know where these girls get the mindset that sending a letter written in blood during their period is romantic. Why is it okay to spend every single penny of your college savings to buy a useless gift that the celebrity doesn't even care about? Why would you put your entire future in jeopardy dropping out of school "for your celebrity's sake"? No, that is not even classified as peaceful protest. You guys just retarded. Period. 

Guy fans are no different. The SNSD disease has contaminated Korean fanboys. Fanboys are more physically active when it comes to defending their idols' image. Dream Concert couple of years ago stirred up a huge controversy when fanboys were literally beating the crap out of fangirls for booing at SNSD's performance. They justified it as "defending their girlfriend's honor". Many were hospitalized yet none were justified. Police dismissed it as "crude behavior". My patience is severely tested when I read these types of (I dub them) cult stories. I especially get ticked when fangirls and boys spend all their parents' hard earned money into ridiculous junk for the celebrities. Makes me wanna just knock some sense into every single one of them, but that would put me down at their level so I just choose to lol behind my computer screen like a cyber bully. Me writing this entry pretty much puts me down at their level as well anyways. I can almost see Bieber fangirls becoming this. Hopefully American girls will have a little more common sense than these mindless, non-human korean fans. Its stuff like this that completely degrades a generation as a whole. Wake up Generation Y, its time to start living like human beings, not post-apocalyptic-brainless-inhumane beaches. 


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Anonymous said...

hahaha I'm not a crazy Korean fangirl, but I acknowledge I am a fangirl.

Koreans are just more crazy because the "idols" are more accessible. They all know where they live, where their company is, so it's so much easier to stalk them irl.

It's harder to stalk celebrities in the US, but Beiber fans are getting there...

Dan HeeJe Ahn said...

^ i was awaiting ur comment on this post :P