Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Eye Iza Kollage Stewdant

I think that is how I write my papers. Its been a year now since I've written a paper for a class. Back in the days of AP Lang and Lit, I used to be beastly in writing papers. Ironically I outscored my non-asian counterparts in both reading and writing on the SATs yet failed miserably on the math section. Those glorious days are gone now. I had to write a paper for my Asian American class. It was a measly 4-pages but it seemed like an eternity to me.

I remember days when I used to love writing, especially during the xanga era. Its kind of embarrassing when I read over my past entries. Such emo-ness. Whatever was on my mind I ranted and vented through xanga. It felt good at the time when you would see those eprops rack up. The joy of writing carried over to high school. I took AP Language as well as AP Literature. Both classes I did ok on the AP exam (not that it matters in college) but I can recall bs-ing everything with my lovely friend, sparknotes.

In college my writing skills took plummeted. I assumed that since the university makes everyone take WRT 105 and 205, my writing skills would improve. I did get good grades but I feel like my writing skill decreased. Maybe its not the skill but rather the desire to write. I hate writing such formal papers like my sociology paper. Its definitely not my style. It took me less than 6 minutes to write this much on my blog but it took me 1 hr to write this much on my sociology paper. Blogging has definitely kept me writing about whatever the heck I want. Sometimes I get this desire to write hence most of my blog entries are just random mumbojumbo. I like it. I am a pretty "go with the flow" guy myself and I guess it sort of carried over to everything I do, including writing...and my sociology paper. Fail -.-;;


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Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to you. I thought I was a good writer prior to college, but my skills are plummeting. I hate writing formal papers. It takes me so long. 1 page takes 3 hours... -_-