Saturday, August 21, 2010

Best Friend

I got him in 2000. A friend of our deacon was leaving the country and she could only bring one dog with her. Knowing that I've always wanted a dog he considered us to be his new owners. Of course I was ecstatic when I heard the news. When the fateful day came and this energetic little critter stepped into our house, chaos started. I remember my exact first impression; wth?! I was expecting your everyday lab or golden or maybe even a beagle. Instead I got this boston terrier which I was hesitant to keep at first. His first impression he gave me, other than being ugly was his super energetic personality. I've never seen such a dog with so much energy jumping and running around my house making chaos. To make things even more interesting, his name was Pinky. The owner gave us no particular reason for choosing that name other than when he was born his nose was pinky. So he became Pinky. So I became the new owner of Pinky from that point on. I never would have thought back then that he would be one of the greatest blessings of my life.

If you've ever read or watched Marley and Me, you know my story for the first year. Out of control dog, barking at night, tearing up couches, the typical misbehaved dog. One of the things he was always forbidden to do was jump onto the bed cause he would shed and make a mess.

In the end that rule became nonexistent (and this wasn't my room so don't judge the floral blanket) xD

Over time Pinky calmed down and I guess it was because he adapted to his new home. He became a lot more manageable. Interestingly though, he rarely made a poopoo error in the house. Well trained I suppose. He also became bilingual because we would talk to him in english and korean. He understood words like "bab muh guh", "mok yok", and "jib ae dul uh ga" which signaled for him to go into his little crate when we had guests. I've had a good number of experiences with Pinky. We recked the neighbors yard multiple times, wrestled till nearly passing out, got lost in the 4 feet blizzard of 2003, messed up all the leaf piles in autumn, and the little patches of catch here and there. All memories now. 

One thing I definitely learned over the years is that dogs are sensitive to their owner's feelings. When I'm hyped he was hyped, when I was down he was slumped as well. I admit, I talked to Pinky about my problems. You know going through highschool and all that good jazz, sometimes it got overwhelming. He would just sit there and look cute. When I was done talking he would cuddle up next to me. Heartwarming. 

Definitely grew so attached to each other (although he would disregard me when there were "female" guests).

If all was perfect, he'd still be with me. Circumstances changed and during my sophomore year of college I had to give him away. I think thats why my sophomore year was my worst year. Was pretty much in the dumps. I guess its hard to understand if you've never had a dog but after 10 years together it wasn't easy giving him away. I requested that the original owner take him back and she agreed. She would be back in the states a couple of months so I left him to her foster parents. Its embarrassing that I'm getting somewhat teary eyed writing this but he was just that special to me. 

No matter how much you dislike or hate your dog, even abuse them, they will always love you and remain loyal to you no matter what. Even to their deaths. 

This was our last minute together. Then we parted. I opened the double doors and closed it forever. The caretaker emailed me and told me how Pinky never moved a foot from the door for 2 days straight; that he was constantly staring out the door. Heartbreaking. He is now happy with his original owner and I pray he lives out the rest of his life as he always did, joyful. Its been 2 years now and the memories of Pinky are well etched in my heart. God's purpose through him was fulfilled so I guess it was time to say good bye. Sadly good things always come to an end. Lessons however, never cease to impact your life:

He taught me to be patient and to love unconditionally.

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The Worst Sinner said...

I still miss my dog. You can't just erase 14 years unfortunately..