Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Senioritis... actually not kicking in this time around. Surprise.

So far its been pretty cool. I thought that 19 creds + job + church + job searching = death, it actually isn't. I'm surprised that so far I've been the most productive ever in my 4 years here in cuse. Everyday and every minute has been well spent whether its doing my homework early or running errands for Bird Library. I have to admit though, the weather is probably the thing that will be the death of me. This mid 80s - 90s is not cutting it. Now that I live off campus, I'm feeling the burn in my legs from walking back and forth to and from campus. Its giving me my much needed daily exercise so I can't complain. The only thing is that the hotness leaves me pretty much dead when I hit my house.

I actually cooked dinner for the first time in college couple of days ago. Spam + eggs + soy sauce + sesame oil + more spam + mystery meat = awesomeness. It was pretty damn good for a first try. I also have this obsessive personality when it comes to cleaning. Ask my roommates. Everyday I've either scrubbed and sanitized the bathroom or vacuumed and dusted the whole house. Some people would never expect that of me but hey, I'm an obsessive-compulsive clean freak. Since its my last year at cuse (hopefully), I've decided to just go balls out and work my ass off in whatever I do. I was tempted to get a 2nd weekend job or weekday job but with senior thesis projects coming up I've decided against. Still I'm pretty happy with my current schedule. It keeps me busy. Internet at our house is still...not working properly so job searching is on hold at the moment.

Senior year is gonna be a blast. I can feel it. Over the summer I dreaded the workload that is bound to come but it looks manageable. Doesn't mean I can slack on church work either. My priority still stands as church > school. It always has in cuse. But this time around, I'm gonna go crazy and push my physical and mental abilities to the limit. Why? Its my last year of formal education. Ever. Might as well make it a good one.

So here's to the last year of college and the last time I'm ever paying 50k.  Cheers!

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Sarah said...

huzzah! cheers to never being a student again! and i am genuinely shocked you haven't ordered wings for dinner yet. CONGRATS