Sunday, August 15, 2010

Heres to Youtube: Streaming Inspiration and Dreams

So another storm swept by and left me internet-less for a week hence the delay on this post. But I've decided against what I originally was gonna write about cause its more embarrassing then I thought.

So...during the internet-less days I've just been youtubing on my iphone. Over the past few years I've actually gotten a lot of inspiration from youtube videos. Its like the delivery man in between me and God. He inspires me thru some videos I watch and in return I (try........) to return that favor thru youtube. Granted I don't have the multimillion subscribers as others do but some people out there are watching. (right..?)

I secretly love watching and listening to youtube musicians. I actually get a lot of inspiration from them. Having had a taste of the production biz, I know it takes quite some time to get that 5 min youtube video up. Whether you're making a film or producing a song or both, it doesn't come in a flash. I don't have a set musician I follow because I tend to scramble around from one related post to another random cover search. However I always check out David Choi, Jayesslee, and Ahmir's newest covers. My inspiration comes from these random videos that I fatefully stumbled upon. Wongfu got me into filmmaking and JerryC made me pick up an electric guitar. Quickquickdagger inspired me to create my own Jaysean Down cover while many other "nameless" cover artists give me a good listen every so often. The only bad part is that I feel like I'm spread thin. I guess thats my personality. I like to pick up new skills but I never tend to master a single one. (Btw, don't worry Jennifer Kang, we're pretty much on the same boat). In all honesty, I'm pretty greedy. I have this part of me that wants to be the best at everything I do whether its filmmaking, playing the guitar, designing, playing a sport, (insert random hobby here). I remember I even tried to be "good" at origami and then I met no re. 

Going to be entering my senior year at Syracuse this month and it's hitting pretty hard. I still have no clue where I wanna go with my life. A close inspection of Dan Ahn will tell you that you'll never see me anywhere near numbers (accounting, management, etc.). I always pray to God that He may show me a glimpse of my future plans but no dice. It's still dark as night. Well judging from all these random skills He made me pick up along the way, its somewhere creative/musical (hopefully). It's always a roller coaster inside of me because whenever I feel like I'm mastering a particular skill, I go on youtube and find that someone has already done a better job at it. Why does he have 100,000 views and I have only 10,000? Then I get inspired and motivated to do better. Damn you youtube, you inspiring dream shatterer (ironic isn't it). 

But at the end of the day, "if there's someone out there who has a better day because of me, then I've succeeded". Wongfu's motto has become my inspiration to go on producing no matter what. 

"Even if no one views or listens to my work, God will always be a subscriber". 

One of my favorites covered by one of my favorites. Yes I have a semi-crush on them but don't worry, Sabrina already knows. xD

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I am not a writer said...

I have no idea how our Big Bang video has over 13k views...

I know youtube has that function that allows you to see how long people watch your videos. Do they watch the entire thing?