Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Take it to the computer

I'm going to assume you read the last post so here's part 2.

Trash talking!!

We all do it in the gaming world. I've done it, he's done it, she's done it, everyone's done it. Its weird how people who are generally calm and shy irl have a sudden change of character online. Its probably because of two things:

1) You really do get frustrated when another player is doing horribad (yes, apparently thats a word) so you just cant say it to his/her face so you type it. Usually comes in the form of noob + insult + @#$%V #@^%^$%@#^&%%#@#

2) Players have the ultimate protection against oncoming attacks or threats that otherwise irl would be life threatening; the computer screen. People have this thought that since the other person cant physically hurt me, I can b!tch all I want at them. Sticks and stones may break my bones and words may hurt me, but a computer screen is all I need. Sad truth.

Recently though I havent seen that much trash talking. I think in RTS games theres less trash talking except for the occasional "noob" comment but in games where you have to kill the other player (ie. counter strike, world of warcraft, dota, half life, etc), trash talking is part of the game. I guess its absolutely necessary to flame someone for being inferior. You kill, you talk trash. You die, you get flamed, you talk back. Rinse and repeat for the next round. I can bet that probably 70% of trash talkers are immature kids/teenagers who think they rule the world, or think they are the pros. I can testify that I literally overheard some language from a elementary school kid that I never knew when I was his age. Something about "OMG YOU SUCK @#^%&#^^@(*#^@&#^^&%%$%$!*&$". What that kid is doing at PC bang in the first place, I dont know. The next 30% comes from the people who just want the attention. Its kind of sad that they have to start up a heated argument just to get some attention. Its not even "real" attention. They would start topics like:

-This character vs that
-Im better than you
-I can kick your ass irl!!!
-Boobs vs. ass
-Obama vs. McCain
-McD vs. BK
-Raping moms/sisters/gfs
-Getting laid
-Any other sexual innuendo about others' gfs
-etc etc etc you get the point

Since like 85% of the online gaming world is probably comprised of males, these little things occur quite commonly. Also notice the amount of sexual/vulgar comments. I guess everyone becomes a horny bastard when they go online to play. Its one thing to get dissed irl but its another to get dissed by someone on the other side of the world through a computer screen. I love watching these people duke it out with each other. They come up with the most obscure uses of modern day insults. These "cyber bullies" know that unless they know the person irl, they cant do anything to harm them. So they just yap it up on the computer screen feeling all proud and mighty. Catch them irl and they are probably a completely different person. I'll have to admit, I've done my fair share in the past. You may not know if you dont play games, but getting dissed on screen is probably worse than getting dissed irl tenfold. 

The day when all gamers play in peace with each other is what we all indirectly wish for but at the same time we all know it'll never happen. As long as there the immature little kids/teens and the attention whores, or just plain assholes, let the flaming commence. Online.

PS: Helvetica is the new font for my blog now

Next post: Prepare for [From Wannabe Thug to I Don't Even Know Anymore: The Evolution of Dan Ahn], actually debating if I wanna dive back to my past again or not. Save some embarrassment. 

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