Saturday, July 2, 2011


The week that I've been looking forward to has already come to an end. This time I left Syracuse for good (for a while maybe) and it definitely was bittersweet. It was an odd feeling seeing KCS and then leaving it so quickly. Definitely felt like I had unfinished business there. All in all, another Vision Summer Camp has successfully come to a close. I know many were blessed. I am now sitting at the crossroads once again, back in the real world, decisions upon decisions. I think I'm actually pretty excited to work on the Lodi film. A little perk in life goes a long way. I just hope by this time next year I'll know where all this is taking me.

Go to church, Read the bible, Obey God's word, Witness to others, grow.


Bible Progress - Psalms 60, had a delay in reading because of Lodi but gonna catch up tonight

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