Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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I admit, I recently got hooked on to #. I'll call it the twitter effect. Not too long ago I reactivated my twitter account and actually did some work on it. I made the account like 2 years ago when I had nothing better to do. I thought it was useless back then. Now I kind of regret. Like I said, I admit I'm hopping on the twitter effect bandwagon. Its crazy how fast news can travel around just by using a simple #. I'm following most of my interests from Nintendo to Bon Jovi to Cultofmac to Sportscars and twitter is definitely more useful and addicting than it was. I'm probably a late bloomer to get into (or get back into) twitter.

Basically most of my summer has been revolving around "The Big 3" of social networking: facebook, twitter, and tumblr? I go on facebook to check up on friends and see what crazy yet amazing things they're doing over summer, twitter to follow up with the latest current events, technology, games, and tumblr just because I have nothing better to do and I have to admit, some of the stuff you find on tumblr is pretty clever. I haven't even used AIM in like 7 years yet I still feel like I'm connected with people that I haven't talked to in a while. Its crazy how technology has improved human relationships. Improved, but degraded is much more appropriate.

You've probably read posts like this numerous times before but heres my view. I'm obviously biased in my opinion because 1) I grew up in the 90s (aka the best decade) and 2) I really don't like the next generation of kids that are growing up in the new millenium. While the 90s were all about playing superhero outside and actually physically playing with our friends, kids these days play online. I may have had 10 friends I used to play with all the time in elementary school but its rather minuscule compared to the 11 million friends that kids play with online these days. They don't know what it is like to actually "wait" for something, just one click does everything. Its actually pretty sickening to see elementary/middle schoolers with droids and iphones. What the hell do they do with it? I got my first cell phone sophomore year in high school, and it was a regular flip phone. Aside from all the confort and leisure (and idiocy) technology has brought upon "Generation Y", the one thing I can't understand at all is the lifestyle of these kids. Every time I walk into a mall theres always a groupie of youngins thinking that they own the place. Thank you Carousel for you're over-18-past-9pm-rule. The way kids treat each other, their parents, the words they use, the inappropriate connotations they know...sickening. The amount of time they spend online, the number of "friends" they have, the raging hormones that lost control...#smh.

We're all slowly but surely contributing to the circle of life. The 90s will hate the 2000s and they'll hate the 2010s, the 20s, the 50s...every new decade it recycles. If anything does change its how quickly we can talk about it online. I think I've learned to accept it.


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