Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Christmas List

I don't have a christmas list this year. I was once again reminded that I don't really need one. I love the random blessings that come about here and there. With God, its like christmas everyday. You give he takes, he takes and gives back a hundred fold. Anytime, anywhere. My parents always taught me the importance of tithing. 1/10 of your possession seems like a lot sometimes but hence we live by the faith that He will cover the rest of our expenses. Its like paying for insurance. You pay 1/10 of whatever you make and you're set for life financially. I like that idea. Last sunday when I realized I forgot to put in my weekly tithe portion of the offering. I quickly dug in my wallet and pulled out $6. $6 is a relatively small amount of money but I guess God never cares for the financial amount you put in. That day I came home with a 32" TV, way under priced. Sometimes it takes God a while to repay you but this time it was rather instant. Tis the season for giving. Fulfilling our friends' and families' christmas lists are very important but lets remember that God has a christmas list too. He just wants your two small, copper coins.

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