Monday, December 13, 2010

The Artist in Me

Recently I stumbled upon my old online portfolio. 


No matter how far I stray from myself, the artist in me always pulls me back to my basics, creating art. Those were the good times where I aspired to be a great artist. Nowadays that passion is all but diminished. Passions may die, but art is forever.

Figure drawing from sophomore year in Syracuse

(This one is my personal favorite: Tribute to PreCalculus)

The 3-part study of the primary colors done in high school for my AP Studio Art "Exam" (and my college admission portfolio which ultimately got me into VPA)

One of my personal favorites done freshman year in Syracuse. Simplicity vs. Complexity.

Sometimes I wish I continued to pursue and hone my artistically trained mind. On the flip side, I'm glad I chose a new direction. 

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iamjosh said...

these are crazzzyyy goooodd,
i really would like to see these in person sometime