Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lefties vs. Righties

Whats interesting about this blog post title is that if you are more dominant in the left hemisphere of your brain, you are more likely to interpret the title as right vs. left handers. If you are more dominant in the right hemisphere of your brain, you are more likely to interpret the correct meaning which is logic vs. creativity.

From a young age, especially if you're asian, you're parents have pushed you to become lawyers, doctors, and businessmen. The future belongs to a new person with a new mindset. The world is quickly changing and shifting towards the right side. Its always that one person or group that decides that logic is boring and break out of norms that change the world. Businessmen are becoming entrepreneurs, PCs users are going Mac, Blackberries are going iDroids, Google owns the world (minus China), every other electronic on college campus starts with an "i", a wizard boy and a metro vampire are pushing the textbooks off the shelf, and one of the funniest comments I heard, "as a scientist, you can win a nobel prize and no one would care whereas if a 15-yr old pop star gets a paper cut, its wildfire".

Twas a good read.

If you are a student in Visual and Performing Arts, you are constantly pounded by the fact that you have to brace yourselves for a revolution; a world shaped by right brainers. Yes, that means all the writers, designers, musicians, craftsmen, athletes, dancers, entrepreneurs, and other creatives will take over and reshape our current world. The days of the logic and analysis are fading away. 

Personally I believe that right brainers will take over the future however, doesn't mean I believe that left brainers are gonna be long dead. It actually becomes very sickening when you hear year after year "POWER TO THE CREATIVES!!" (stupid VPA). I love how sometimes creatives are so caught up with being nonconforming that they are completely oblivious to the fact that subconsciously they've created a subculture of nonconformity in itself, conforming to being nonconformists. (Inspired from this post!)

"Right brainers rejoice for the day of revolution is here. Woohoo!!!" -Right brain power

Wonder how long it'll take to drill into that thick, egotistical skull that just like everything in nature, a good balance is key.

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Elizabeth Lee said...

oh my gosh.
i clicked on your inspiration link and was TOTALLY surprised.
very flattering, thank you :)

the book sounds like something i want to read...or need to so that i don't lose hope for myself haha.
looking forward to reading it on the plane ride home! at least i'm planning on it haha...