Monday, November 15, 2010

A Glimpse of Heaven

We came to the conclusion we'd pretty much do anything to see a sister in Christ smile and forget about all her worries and stresses of the real world, even if its just for a second.

So why do we do it? Why are we willing to transcend physical and mental tiredness and the go beyond our physical limits for just one night. For me personally, I've come to realize that I find great joy in seeing my fellow bros and sisters all laughing and smiling together, forgetting about the worries of the real world. Maybe this is why God gave me certain talents. Definitely a blessing. A glimpse of heaven. I think all the bros will agree that a frown doesn't suit a sister's face.

People may ask, so was it all worth it, the blood and sweat that went into the night? Just for one night?

We'd say it definitely was.

For me, the last 48 hours leading up to Sisters' Night were sleepless and stare at my Macbook all day and night. Kudos to Zach and Dan Choi, we pulled it off, 6 videos this year! Kudos to all my fellow bros for your unrelenting devotion to making the greatest 4 hrs of our sisters' lives this year (hopefully). 

Who are we??!?!

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