Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Welcome to 607 Walnut

So what is the average day like in the 607?

7:00am - The producer wakes up
7:05am - The producer showers, brushes teeth, does hair
7:07am - The producer goes back to sleep
7:45am - The engineer's alarm clock wakes up the whole house
8:00am - The engineer's alarm clock is still ringing...
8:03am - The producer wakes up again
8:05am - The producer showers, brushes, teeth, does hair...again
8:10am - The producer heads to class
8:13am - The engineer wakes up
8:15am - The engineer runs to bathroom
8:35am - The engineer exits the bathroom
8:40am - The engineer falls back asleep
8:50am - The engineer lingers out the door
9:00am - The rambo "wakes" up
9:01am - The rambo falls back asleep
4:30pm - The producer comes back home and wonders where his roommates are
4:31pm - The producer needs to go to the bathroom but is occupied by the rambo
4:40pm - Still occupied...
4:45pm - Still..............
4:46pm - The rambo comes out with manga
4:47pm - The producer runs to bathroom
4:48pm - The engineer comes home and runs to bathroom
4:49pm - The producer comes out and and the engineer goes in
5:00pm - The producer and engineer enjoy their afternoon estimating electricity costs while the rambo watches the korean drama
5:30pm - The engineer starts to his work and the producer goes to bother the rambo
5:35pm - The producer is finished bothering the rambo and they play a round of dota
6:00pm - The rambo and the producer finish their game, goes to the engineer's room only to find him passed out
6:01pm - The rambo and the producer play paparazzi
6:05pm - The engineer wakes up and both the producer and the engineer "rape" the rambo
6:17pm - Rape session cut short due to physical abuse from the rambo with his massive thighs
6:18pm - The engineer and the producer pop the "Geu let JJUH!!!!" line...
6:19pm - They are both running for their lives
7:00pm - The producer makes dinner
7:03pm - The producer eats half of the dinner while cooking
7:30pm - Dinner is served!
8:00pm - All three go to the rambo's room to chill
8:01pm - Rambo rapefest round 2 commences
8:04pm - Rambo rapefest round 2 cut short due to bloating
8:05pm - Engineer and producer fall asleep on rambo's bed
8:06pm - Rambo yells "get off my bed!!!!"
8:30pm - Still yelling "get off my bed!!!!"
8:31pm - Rapefest round 3
9:00pm - Bumfest
9:02pm - Rapefest round 4
9:05pm - Bumfest
9:05pm - 11:30pm - rinse and repeat previous 4 steps
12:00am - good night!!
1:00am - the engineer's alarm clock wakes up the whole house...again
1:02am - Engineer rapefest......
1:05am - goodnight.....


Anonymous said...

hahah poor andrew...

Wayne Chen said...

hahahah how accurate