Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm Number 1!

A very delayed happy new years to you!

I've been slacking with the blogging but hopefully I'll get on it asap and stay on top of my routine.

So 2012 has finally come and personally I feel that this is the year where my life will start to forge its own path. Its been over a month since I've been employed and I have to say, thanks God. He answered my prayers exactly on the dot. Maybe I should've prayed for an earlier employment date rather than "by the end of the year." Many if not all of you probably have your own resolutions for the coming year and likewise, I have mine. As you know I have successfully finished reading the bible last year. This year I have a new set of resolutions that I hope I can keep along with my 50 year bible plan (which I've creatively dubbed The 5-0 Plan). With the numerous resolutions I came up with I just chose to stick with one.

This is the year to be humble and thankful. Cliche? Yes. But this is the year where I will be thankful more so for what I have. With this whole 99/1% junk and occupy this and occupy that, I nearly hopped on the bandwagon for the 99%. Then I actually sat and thought about it. No matter how much of a "financially difficult" situation I was in, I've always had health, food, water, and shelter. That in itself is more than enough to be considered "rich" but I've also had great company wherever I went, I now have a job, and a family in good health. What more do I want? I asked myself that over and over and when I sat down and actually thought about it, all I've been doing is complaining about the luxuries I didn't have. In the near future I'll probably never have my dream car, an ipad, an imac, excess cash to fulfill my oh so greedy heart, nor enough to go on a dream vacation. I literally sat down and wrote out a list of these things then later trashed it cause it was obscene. Here's the dumbed down version: luxury, luxury, luxury, money to pay off loans, luxury, luxury. Yep, I'm shallow. My entire list was full of useless, meaningless stuff for personal momentary pleasure. I've also come to the realization that I do consider myself part of the "1%". In my honest opinion, I think that whole 99/1% debate is all cognition. How do you perceive your own quality of life? I have an amazing one, just not the luxuries that the 99% so desire. I consider myself rich for never has a day gone by where I starved, fell ill of disease, or slept against the elements. Oh, did I mention that I'm typing this up on a macbook pro while tweeting on my iphone? I guess because I own Apple products I'm automatically part of the 1%.

On that note I really do wish these "99%" can settle down. I do sympathize with the "real 99%ers" and not your average jack and jill who tweet and share "occupy" all over the place to go with the trend. I have a serious pet peeve for bandwagoners. I just don't know how to deal with all the same facebook updates and tweets about x and y when I know for a fact that they had no clue as to who or what x and y were before. Not gonna lie, I'm guilty of it as well. Judge me if you so desire. Greed will only get you so far in life. Even if the 1% controls all the wealth, there are those that probably worked their asses off to get there. They just reaped the fruits of their intensive labor. Why would you want to steal that away? Respect. On the other hand if they're up there because of exploitation, fraud, or other gimmickry, He gives and takes away in due time. In the end, the world could use a big slice of humble pie right about now. I'd like mine blueberry flavored.


Bible Progress - Exodus 5

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