Monday, October 24, 2011


Recently I've been thinking about the fact that there will soon be (or already is) 7 billion people inhabiting this planet. Thats a lot. I feel like our landmass can only support so many. When I see pictures of the crowded streets of China and India, I fear for the future. What's gonna happen when we literally over populate the Earth?

If you live in the DCMDVA metro area you know of of the 3 numbers that all commuters and interstate travelers dread, 495. This 4 lane (at times 5) is called the capital beltway because it circles our nation's capital. But at the same time, this beltway is probably the only road that connects MD and VA together. This is never good for traffic. There are always the dead zone hours we all try to avoid because of the insane traffic. I don't know what kind of city planner decided that it was ok to connect two, rapidly developing areas (Tysons Corner, VA, Rockville, MD) with one highway. 

I actually do fear for the future. If traffic is this bad already, what'll happen when our generation start our own families and have kids? The amount of people multiply at an exponential pace. Lets be honest, who these days wants just one kid? People these days are busy as ever popping child after child out. I know of families with 4 or more and it scares me. Soon those kids will be driving, soon they will be applying for jobs, not looking too good. All the talk about the economy supposedly getting better by 2017, I doubt it. Its only gonna get worse. If they can't handle the population now, how are they ever gonna handle double? I fear there will always be a shortage of jobs and open positions for young people to go into their dream field. There can only be so many open positions. Does this mean only a limited few will live out their dream? The 1%? Hard work and dedication will get you far but how much more do you need because everyone else is doing the same? The human body is only capable of so much. 

7 billion different personalities. 7 billion different opinions. 7 billion people. Thats a huge number. I see construction projects and notice how much resources go into building a bridge, a road, a house, or even a large skyscraper. I see millions and millions of cars pumping gas at the same time. I see billions of people around the world drinking water and millions more flushing toilets while taking showers. The grand scale of how much we use is mind blowing. How will the Earth respond to such an enormous demand? I'm not a fan of all those companies that hop on the sustainability bandwagon because we all know its just another way to be more profitable. But there are always good people in the world. Heck, with 7 billion people, I'd hope that at least one person has the balls to come up with something crazy that'll actually leave our planet in a sustainable state. 

The world's single greatest resource is the 7 billion human minds that are at work. Some are geniuses, some are less than average, some are corrupt, some are passionate, some are generous, some are greedy, its all different. If all 7 billion people had the unified characteristic of generosity, how great would the world be. Never going to happen. All I know is that I'll do my job of raising the next generation properly. None of these roudy, obnoxious, spoiled kids that are growing up these days. I have absolute zero tolerance for kids who have no respect whatsoever. I pray that my future offspring will be faithful, respectful, and smart amidst their obnoxious peers. But for the time being, I will try to play my part as one of the 7 billion that live to make even just one other person's day brighter. 


Bible Progress - Mark 14

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