Monday, October 12, 2009

God is my witness so let the damn truth prevail

Plagiarism blah blah...It sucks being ratted out and basically falsely accused for plagiarism...twice. To hear about a judicial hearing I have to attend just moments after I had finally put it behind me is another low blow...I hate Syracuse. Ok so im kinda nervous after talking to my VPA advisor to go over the logistics and the procedures of the hearing. I told him basically the truth and nothing but the truth. He shared his sympathy with me because its just my word against their evidence. At the moment, it seems kind of hopeless because I have no hard evidence to prove that I'm innocent. All I have is my bare honesty and truth vs. hard evidence. Does truth and honesty still prevail in this corrupted world? My advisor told me that if you push strong enough, it'll be my best weapon for my defense to prove my innocence. Ha. Should I be worried? Should I be panicking right now? Well the worst case scenario is that I get suspended from school for a semester or academic year without any guarantee for a refund for tuition, but thats just a small consequence right? Hopefully it wont get to THAT point xD. For about 10 minutes after my meeting with my advisor I felt worried, pressured, stressed, all that good junk. Reality hits you hard. Now I feel, indifferent. Maybe I should be caring more about my trial but at the moment its not really effecting me. Should I be caring more about it? I don't know if its a good thing to have this carefree lifestyle 24/7 but thats basically it, I don't really care that much about the trial. Certain circumstances may seem harsh, unfair, unjustified but who gives a damn, its only a negative situation if you allow it to be. So no, I'm gonna take this as an opportunity to miss class if my trial goes on longer than planned. Yes the situation seems dire, dreadful, and is hopeless. Hopeless is an overstatement actually scratch that thought. If I do not turn to Him, then I'm hopeless. God knows that I've done nothing wrong, He knows that I never attempted to plagiarize the two pieces of work, He knows my innocence. Lawyer? Who the hell needs one? They charge X amount of money for something they cannot guarantee to accomplish (and that X amount is usually some ridiculous amount...). I got a everlasting lawyer who does pro bono anytime anywhere. "If God is for me who can be against me?". With God as my witness, I go to trial in 2 days and I'll sit back and let truth prevail. Romans 8:31 ftw!


The Worst Sinner said...

Faith is not belief without proof but TRUST WITHOUT RESERVATION. Keep your head up bro.

Anonymous said...

stay strong, dan, the truth will prevail, you don't need no lawyer!