Monday, March 19, 2012

Just One of Those Days

Today is just one of those days that brings so much nostalgia back.

When I was younger, this type of weather was the perfect setting to watch Saturday morning cartoons, play video games, and pig out on snacks while doing so with the blinds and windows open. They say nostalgia is triggered by smell. I believe so. As soon as I stepped out into my balcony, I got trucked with nostalgia. Good times.

Days like this would be perfect for after school football or basketball at the park. Afterwards we'd go to a friends house and play games, have bonfires, and cookouts. High school was a place full of drama and stress. Nowadays, I laugh at it. Nonetheless good company and good memories were created in that phase of my life.

Just last year, it was spring break around this time. I remember going to turning stone and making like $40. I remember vividly how beautiful the weather was that week of spring break. Campus felt so nice and empty. There was a mysterious yet welcoming atmosphere in the student-deserted place. Just a handful of people walking on by disrupted the near perfect Syracuse spring scenery.

Today is another wonderful day. Waking up with the sun shining on my face (literally). Wasn't pleasant at that instant but positivity always triumphs over negativity (sooner or later). Just one of those days where I feel blessed to breathe this nostalgic air again. 

(Insert sigh here), its a nice day to turn 23. Minus the sigh, no sarcasm intended.


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