Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1 Minute Convo

I'm pretty sure everyone has had this experience. Say you walk into a building and the Janitor is there mopping the floor and you wait for your elevator. The Janitor says a warm hello and you reply back. Sometimes you carry the conversation a little longer to "how was your day" or "great weather right?". Then your elevator comes and you he tells you to have a great day. I personally always thought these conversations were "awkward" and sort of unnecessary.

Today I realized the humbling fact that these people who do a simple greeting wave or start up a 1 min convo are the people who make my day. Everyday I go into work I meet two people: Mr. Garage man and Nina the security guard. My first week was nothing out of the usual-ready-to-take-on-the-world young adult and proudly walking into the office. I run into Mr. Garage man every morning when I park my car and he always greets me with a "hey buddy!". Secondly I meet Nina the security guard whose name I didn't know til last month. My first week she always greeted me with a smile and a genuine interest to wish me a great day. I tried to avoid both as much as possible. I sometimes timed my entry into the building so it would coincide with another person so I could slip on by without stirring up the default greetings. Same with Mr. Garage man. I always tried to sneak on by, play it off like I'm checking something super important on my phone which in reality was staring at chubs picture on my lock screen. After a month I kind of gave in and just let the daily passbys happen naturally.

Nina asked me what my name was. Shocked at first but I replied. She told me her name and how it was a "pleasure to meet you". The next few times were indeed a blessing. The commute to work was the most stressful thing I've done in a while. DC, like any inner city, gets too hectic during rush hours. Its a horrible way to start a day but you gotta do what you gotta do. I would park my car and Mr. Garageman would wave me off with a smile and as soon as I enter the building I would have my 1 min convo with Nina. We started to expand upon the usual "have a great day" and started adding stuff like " a Pats or Giants fan" and "plans for weekend?" She was really easy to talk to. I don't know why I missed out on these two brief moments. Every time they bring my spirits back up and I walk up to my office and say "its gonna be a great day".

Sadly though today was the last day I could see both of them. It didn't hit me but I realized there would be no more pick me ups in the mornings anymore. It never occurred to me that Mr. Garage man is not just Mr. Garage man and Nina is not just a security guard, they're dedicated, selfless people who do their best to get your spirits up for the work day. I think I was legitimately sad that today would be the last day we'd cross paths. Nina and I had a 5 minute convo and a good bye hug and Mr. Garage man (he never told me his name) and I acknowledged each others company. As I drove out I did the "hi beam greeting" and he did the "honk honk greeting". That was it. That is the last time I'll run into those two. They're the reason why going to work was that much better. It just started as a simple "hello" but turned into a beautiful relationship between two human beings. I felt so blessed looking back and recalling all the 1 minute convos we've had. I have very high respect for Nina and Mr. Garage man. Even though their jobs may seem "mundane" and "unsophisticated" to society, I'm forever more grateful to them then the other "sophisticated people" who're just too damn prideful to even say "good morning" in the same building. Get off your imaginary pedestals please.

Dear Mr. Garage man and Nina,
You are truly respectable people. Thanks and God bless.


Bible Progress - Deut 2

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