Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Long But Short Years

My 3 year anniversary just passed this past weekend and it doesn't seem that crazy until I think about it in perspective. My whole college career, the primetime of my life, the best and worst experiences have all been shared with one person. Freshman year was just all giddy and then for some odd (and still unresolved reason), I decided it was time to start dating again. Just what the heck, right out of the blue. I guess you can say I finally gotten over my past two (horribly ended) relationships but I don't think that was all.

I specifically remember when and where and what I was doing that moment I asked her out. I was sitting in Human Sex class at 8:30pm and I think we were learning about the different types of love from the physical to the emotional to the unconditional God's love, agape. Something triggered the spark and basically told me, "Hey, you like this girl. Accept it". I know I was fighting an internal struggle because I guess I had a couple of people that I liked at the time but one was always overshadowed until she just decided to, BAM, make her self known. The funny thing is when I really wanted a girlfriend for the past like, 4 years in high school, I never got one. Never got even close to getting one. It was the beginning of sophomore year in Cuse that I finally let go of that "desire" to have a girlfriend and it just so happened I ended up getting one. Lesson learned God.

I'll be quite frank, I don't think I was attracted to her consciously at first but deep down, I was. I mean who would wanna date a physically abusive girlfriend? Wasn't happening until God proved me wrong. Out of the other (unnamed females) that I sort of had a crush on, in the end I ended up with the one I never imagined to. Sure it was crazy at first because everyone teased us about it. We were that awkward, "how'd you two happen", couple. Crazy at first, but life-changing later. After the initial honeymoon phase, when we were not the new couple in town, things began to get real. I never knew how long this would last nor do I know how long it will, but I know for sure I don't regret any minute of it.

For the past 3 years we've had our ups and downs like any healthy couple. We've had our handful of fights where I'd be yelling, she'd be yelling, I'd be ignorant, she'd be bawling, good times? But yeah, most of the time I was probably ignorant. I'll be honest, I'm terrible boyfriend material. I rarely compliment her, I rarely ever show any enthusiasm with her, I've got her enough gifts to count in one hand, I make fun of her all the time, I don't celebrate any of the couple-y holidays with her, and I call her chubs. Yet for some crazy reason she stayed and I guess I'm grateful, no, I am grateful. The past 3 years she showed me that not all girls are the same (as my previous 2 relationships). Maybe once in the 3 years I had to "be" there for her, even though I still made fun of her. Bottom line is shes been there more for me than vice versa. So I'm basically the needy one. The irony. She showed me that she is capable of not letting the little things bother her, nor to care for what the status quo is. I don't think I've ever met such a strong girl and I'd bet that she'd take down goliath, metaphorically and physically speaking. She's been able to develop a strong sense of composure even in the most stressful times. She's like the elephant in the room that's labeled "Blessing" yet I over look it almost everyday. She taught me how to actually care for someone and not just say it. Granted she's not perfect and she doesn't fill most of the criteria of my potential girlfriend list that I made back in 2003, but she fulfills. And I just spent the past 15 minutes writing this and it contains more compliments than I've given her in the past 3 years combined. Sad truth.

Out of all the girls in the world I got stuck with this chubber face.

In the end all I want to say is, thanks chubs.

Horrible Boyfriend


Bible Progress - Jeremiah 50

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Stan said...

I finally hear (technically read) your story. My life is complete.