Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Best I've Had

So its been about a week since I've officially graduated. It still hasn't hit me that I'm living in the real world. Maybe its because I've been home most of the time but it still feels like I'm going back to cuse in the fall. It feels weird coming back home to MD after cuse. It almost seems like a foreign place to me. Never the less its what I call home.

Thinking of all the times I had in cuse makes it hard to accept my new life. But this was the same feeling I had when I first stepped into cuse freshman year. That feeling turned out to be temporary as the next 4 years were the best I've had. I'm going to title this next chapter in my life as "foot in the door". This part of my life I expect to be in til im 30 or so. From now until I'm 30, I'll (hopefully) be experiencing a lot of big steps in my life: getting a job, deciding on a career, choosing a place to live, living on my own, getting married, and maybe having kids. Just a handful of huge life changing events. I'll start slow and decide on a career path. Then maybe I'll save up enough money to head out to the west coast unless God wants me elsewhere. Then I'll be living on my own for a while, off of my income, paying my own bills (other than my credit bill I pay now). Its a scary thought. Each time I'll probably reminisce about the week after my college graduation because it'll be the same experience, a new chapter.

Its like reading a book but a book ends relatively fast depending on how fast of a reader you are. I don't expect to "end" anytime soon. I've got my whole life ahead of me now and I'm just sitting on the first step remembering the best experience I've had so far which was college. If this trend continues I'm pretty sure that by the next time I open a new chapter of my life, I'll be expressing it as "better than the best I've had".


Bible Progress - 2 Chronicles 34

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